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Wendy SizemoreI am running in the March 15th Primary for Republican State Central Committee in Ohio’s 17th District.

I am running because I am tired of having to choose between the lesser of the two evils. The first problem I see is that the Ohio Republican Party has refused to adopt a platform stating the values of the party. The second problem is that the by-laws state that the Ohio Republican Party will arbitrarily endorse all incumbents regardless of whether or not they have held true to their promises to us, the voters. This allows candidates to lie right to our faces and still receive a republican endorsement as well as financial support for their campaigns.

If elected I will vote to adopt a truly conservative platform and then use that platform to measure candidates performances before voting to endorse them. Here is a little about me so that you may have an idea of what that platform might look like:

I’m a 45 year-old coal miner’s daughter who was raised in a Christian home. I am not perfect by any stretch but I Love my God, my country, my family and yes, my guns. If that makes me a “bitter clinger” so be it. I’ve lived in Ohio for the past 27 years and on the farm here in Pickaway County for the past 14 years. I’m not politically correct now nor will I ever be. I believe a person should say what they mean and mean what they say. I believe abortion is murder and marriage is between one man, one woman and God. Period.

I believe parents should decide what is best for their kids not the government and sometimes that may mean giving them a swat on their bottoms or making a trip down to a local school board meeting. I do not believe this makes me a child abuser or disrespectful of authority. I don’t think you need a college degree in economics to know that 2+2=4 and if you don’t have it or can’t pay it back then don’t spend it. I go to church regularly but I do not believe you have to go to church to love the Lord and do what is right.

I also have tremendous love and respect for our military and veterans. I believe if you are willing to compromise or negotiate away your values they were never really your values in the first place. I will try to convince others to join me in voting for what’s right but I am not afraid to stand alone and cast an unpopular vote if doing otherwise would compromise my values.


Wendy’s Endorsements:

Clinton County Republican PAC
Fayette County Republican PAC
Gallia County Republican PAC
Highland County Republican PAC
Jackson County Republican PAC
Lawrence County Republican PAC
Pickaway County Republican PAC
Pike County Republican PAC
Ross County Republican PAC
Vinton County Republican PAC
NW Ohio Conservative Coalition
Ohio Citizens PAC
Ohio Republican PAC